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Back to the Perfect Consolidated Routine

So, I decided to return to the perfect consolidated routine today. Considering how the tail end of my last couple workouts suffered, I figure it’s about time. I felt fully recovered from last week already, so instead of waiting until a full week, I decided to hit it today. I dropped the first warm-up set I usually do for 10 reps. At this point, I don’t feel it’s necessary and is probably counter-productive. I usually feel sufficiently warmed-up after two warm-up sets, even in the cooler weather.

Since I worked legs last week, I decided to do deadlifts and dips this week. Though I didn’t need to convert from kilos to pounds on the deadlifts, I did move from using the Smith machine and a lesser range of motion to free weights and a full range of motion. I lifted ten pounds more than last time but only managed a single. I suspect it was moving to a full range of motion more than moving from the machine to the barbell that made the difference. I would have expected to lift more otherwise.

The same went for dips. I just couldn’t get more than one rep, so I pushed on for five negatives. I still have to weigh myself, but I’d say I’m probably hovering around 210 now at a height of six feet. That means I’m looking at 285 for my max in dips. I’ll follow up later when I get some batteries for my scale and weigh-in. In any case, I will certainly stick to the same weights for the next workout since my reps were so low on this one. I’ll also wait at least a full seven days before working out again regardless of how I feel. I want to ensure I’m fully recovered.

I may need to take a layoff soon. Next week, it’s Smith squats and pulldowns. I’ll probably do another cycle after that, then take a couple weeks off. I’ll have to see.

Workout 1

Deadlift (7-10) – 135×7
Deadlift (3) – 225×3
Deadlift (5-10) – 355×1

Dips (7-10) – BW×7
Dips (3) – 55×2
Dips (6-10) – 75×1 + 5 negatives


Written by Kevin Dunn

November 8, 2009 at 2:40 am

Posted in HIT

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  1. I´ve been readed your training Blog sometimes and noticed that almost all High-intensity trainers eventually end up to Consolidation-routine.I think the main reason is 1/Too heavy-weights on arm-exercises 2/Maybe too light weights on Shoulder-exercises 3/Overtraining,maybe even once every 7 days is too much and i really think it is.In Muscles in minutes Mike Mentzer recommend lower frequency up to once every 14 days,and one former client of Mikes once told that Mike put him to train once every three weeks on Consolidation routine.At last i want to tell you one routine which is very wanted on HIT-Scene,it is Sean Robertsons routine when he was Mikes phone-client 1996-97.Dips,Pull-downs,Deadlift,Squats–each in its own workout for one work set,and with as much as a week between workouts!So,it is not only Deadlift routine that many Hit-forum trainers believe.I founded him from Myspace and asked him is he the same Sean that Mike mentions in Underground seminar,and he wss and gave me this routine.

    Jani HDFinland

    November 10, 2009 at 12:37 am

    • Thanks for that, Jani. I think I had a pretty good workout Saturday and feel good today, a little sore and more solid. Moving over to the perfect consolidated routine was a good decision. I think doing fewer exercises per workout makes it a hell of a lot easier to go balls-to-the-wall, which of course is more productive.

      Kevin Dunn

      November 10, 2009 at 1:26 am

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